Happy Friday ladies! In honor of the last week of summer I wanted to post this fabulous tropical print skirt. I think my Instagram has been pretty flooded with palm tree posts and I don’t hate it. The tightness of the skirt makes it kind of tricky to tuck a shirt into so I felt like this crop top looked best for a great weekend outfit. 

And of course I'm rockin my backpack! I found this one last winter and I think they will be even more popular this fall. Not only do they look cool but they allow you to be hands free. This is great for being on Tumblr and Instagram while I walk to work. Sorry to all of the bicyclists I've almost killed from never looking up when I walk. :) Oops

Skirt, Top, Backpack: Zara | Shoes: Tibi | Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner | Bracelets: Vita Fede, Balenciaga