A few people have asked me what I do to keep my hair healthy so I decided to share with you guys! At least once a week I drench my hair in coconut oil. And by drench, I literally mean my entire head is soaked in oil as if I just got out of the shower. In the winter your hair gets super dry so it’s important to hydrate it as much as possible.  I have a pretty poor diet and I don’t take vitamins so this is my answer to taking care of my hair.

I also swear by Enjoy luxury shampoo and conditioner (the pink bottles). After trying one million different products this has been my savior. It’s the only conditioner thick enough for my hair and the only thing that doesn’t make my hair knotty. I also use a lot of Moroccan oil before blow drying. For curling my hair I use a 1 ½ inch curling iron and I don’t use the clamp. I turn the iron upside down and wrap it around the barrel.  Try using some coconut oil in your hair once a week and I promise you’ll thank me :) Hope this helps!

Dressed for Dreams