BB Dakota Brydon Trench
Joie White Mariner Pants
Tibi Bee Mules
Balenciaga City Bag

As you can see, I really couldn’t go another day wearing dark winter clothes. I recently purchased this amazing pale pink trench and the best part about it is it was only $78! I basically only shop online so I was crossing my fingers that when this arrived at my apartment the quality could pass for a much more expensive piece. And thank god it did! Extra-long trenches are trending right now, but when I tried on a few that were way past the knees I just didn’t love how I looked in them.  This one is the perfect length. Most of the trenches out there are also a classic tan color that made me feel like Inspector Gadget LOL! I love the pale pink color of this because it’s girlier (is that a word?) and in my opinion looks like a chic jacket rather than a drab rain coat. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Dressed for Dreams