Platform sneakers are back baby! I had to stay true to my 90s roots and buy them from the original creator…Steve Madden. There’s been a lot of buzz lately in the fashion world about the return of the Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas. I was tempted to join the band wagon and buy them but I realized they were so not me. Sometimes you shouldn’t go along with a trend if it’s not true to your roots. So I’ve been looking for a classic white lace up sneaker but something more original and girly than Stan Smiths. Behold! Who could forget about the Steve Madden platforms? I am absolutely in love with these and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them. 

I paired them with this long topper trench coat and knit fur beanie. This is actually an extra-long sleeveless jacket with a leather sleeved blazer underneath. You can easily make a look more interesting with a sleeveless topper. Depending on just how cold it is you can add different layers under or over it in different textures or colors. Can’t wait to be pairing these sneakers with girly dresses! Thanks for reading <3

Steve Madden Elixer

Zara Sleeveless Jacket (similar here)

Zara Leather Leggings

Knit Fur Beanie

Dressed for Dreams