Ok so the first and my absolute personal favorite product would be Herbalism. This is a face cleanser that leaves your face feeling unbelievable. I’ve honestly never had any product give me such tangible results…which is why I’m hooked on this stuff. It’s a gentle exfoliator so you can use every day. It helps balance out the oily areas in my face, the main culprit being my t zone.  

2. Let the Good Times Roll- this is the cleanser I use in the winter when my skin is extra dry. If you have dry skin year-round this one’s for you. It smells and looks like peanut butter! (I’m always tempted to taste it LOL!) This cleanser leaves your skin with a gorgeous glow.  In case you’re a first timer, using these cleansers can be a little weird. Just take a small chunk and put it in the palm of your hand, add a drop of water and mix it around to create a paste.

3. That tub of what looks like Nutella is the face mask Cupcake.                 I always feel like I’m smothering chocolate on my face when I use it. But maybe that’s why I like it so much…guess I’m a little weird. P.S. all of Lush’s masks are fresh so you have to make sure to use them right away!

4. Honey Trap- a lip balm that’s actually good for your lips. I apply this at least 300 times a day. The more the merrier right?

5. Tea Tree Water is a spray on face toner. This keeps your skin looking fresh and balanced with just a spritz. I read somewhere to try putting it in the refrigerator and now that’s the only way I use it. The smell alone will make you reach to use it every morning.

6. Mask of Magnaminty is the only face mask that is self-preserving so it lasts a little longer. Usually I put my new mask in the frig and completely forget about it. This mask is made of clay and mint so it gives a tingly, extra clean feeling on your face. Exactly how you’re supposed to feel after having a mask on!

7. Last but not least, the King of Skin body butter. This is perfect for my dry legs. You just apply this wherever desired while your body is still damp and you’re instantly moisturized for the rest of the day. Body butters leave your skin feeling silky smooth. I also like how this is something you apply by quickly running across your skin rather than a conventional liquid lotion.

And there you have it! Hope I’ve tempted you to try at least 1 of the 7 things.

Let the Good Times Roll
Honey Trap
Tea Tree Water
Mask of Magnaminty
King of Skin

Dressed for Dreams