Frame Denim with Knee holes,  Free People High Society Platform Sandals

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Mango Denim Shirt
Frame Denim with Knee holes
Free People High Society Platform Sandals
Chanel Purse
Celine Sunglasses

When all else fails a denim on denim look is my go-to. You can achieve so many completely different looks with this styling trend. It becomes all about the accessories. When pairing denim I personally like when there’s a significant contrast of the shades of denim. You don’t want to go too light and dark but somewhere in the middle.

I recently Instagramed these new Free People platform sandals and now I’m so excited to share this post on how I styled them. Even though they are pretty high they are still so comfortable because of how thick the front platform is. I think I was about 5 ft. taller with these babies on! But they make your legs look nice and long which is always a plus. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @dressedfordreams 

As a side note I wanted to share my experience with the Glam Squad Ap! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a service where you can schedule a blow out or have your make up done in the comfort of your own apartment! I recently used it for my birthday night out. I absolutely loved not having to get completely ready to walk to the salon and saving some time getting ready in my apartment. The girl who blew out my hair was super nice and did an incredible job. These photos are actually from the day after a night of partying and my waves are still intact. I was even able to rock my blow out for a 3rd day with help from some baby powder (my hair savior). Thanks for reading!


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