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Topshop Denim Shirtdress (also available here)
Loeffler Randall Black Lace-up Flats
Forever21 Sunglasses
Celine Black Beltbag

Happy Friday my friends! I posted these lace-up flats on Instagram the other day (@dressedfordreams) and they got such a great reaction. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of lace-up flats. Fast fashion stores like Topshop and Zara have great versions but these are something I know I will be wearing ALL the time so this is where I wanted to spend a little extra on authentic leather shoes. Trust me- faux leather shoes are never as comfortable, won’t last as long, and will make your feet smell. (ew.) I know you guys know how gorgeous the Aquazurra flats are but $700?...ehhh I’ll pass.

I added a little extra something to this denim shirtdress by tying a bandana around my neck. I’ve been seeing this everywhere for a few months now but I was always a little scared to try it because I felt like I couldn’t pull it off.  I actually cut it in half on a diagonal so that it was less bulky on my neck. What do you guys think?

Some links to similar versions of these flats are below and Topshop has a bunch of options under $100 HERE: