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Stuart Weitzman Suede Lowland Boots, 25% off right now (lower price version here & here)
Nasty Gal Bow Dress, on major sale! (also available in black)

Once I fall in love with a new trend I kind of OD on it. These tie neck tops, dresses, and scarves are my new obsession! In my previous post I rocked a contrasting skinny scarf that I purchased on it’s own but I love tops and dresses that come with one in the same material. It can be tied a number of different ways. In this look I have it wrapped as a choker but it can be tied in a bow, or a front knot.

This fall one of my biggest splurges has been the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots. I know everyone drools over the Highland (version with a heel) but realistic for my day-to-day life I know that I would get a lot more use out of flat boots. I have to admit that I’m all for a good deal and originally I thought I would be able to find a similar pair of suede over the knee boots that look just as good on. But the suede quality and how well they fit on my leg is a noticeable difference and a lot more flattering. I linked 2 other brands that make a similar pair that I haven’t personally tried on but I’m sure still achieve the look! Have a great weekend everyone and feel free to email me with any questions you have about them!