For Love & Lemons Skivvies

faux suede shorts, dressed for dreams

3x1 denim jacket, dressed for dreams

3x1 fringe jacket, chanel lucite cuff,

daftbird tee, for love and lemons bra

Hi loves! I just got back from a much needed and relaxing trip to Florida. My days consisted of lying by the beach and going out to dinner with my parents, my favorite people on the planet J I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to share this but my boyfriend of 6 years and I split. So a vacation like this came at the perfect time. I’m hoping to put my energy into my blog as a way to keep busy. One of the biggest pieces of advice that I always tell my girlfriends is how important it is to have a hobby to call your own. Without this blog I’d probably just be sitting on my couch feeling sad after work every day.

But anyway! I wore this look while shopping around Bal Harbour. I’ve always loved how cute For Love & Lemons intimates are but I’m not the type of person to spend that much on something I’m wearing under my clothes. My friend who runs a boutique on Long Island, Clothes Horse, told me about this brand Daftbird that makes super low cut tees to show off your lace bra. These two make the perfect combo. I recently purchased a pair of the infamous 3x1 jeans but never saw their denim jacket! It was one of my Bal Harbour finds. I put it on as soon as I bought it!


3x1 Denim Jacket

Daftbird Tee

For Love & Lemons Bra

Suede Shorts

Silver Necklace

Loeffler Randall Shoes