Lace Up Bodysuit

necessary clothing bodysuit

lace up bodysuit

celine trapeze, 3x1 fringe hem jeans

celine trapeze trendlee

reformation lace up bodysuit

Seriously crushing on bodysuits! Especially with the rise in popularity of more classic cut denim, nothing looks as flattering with them as a well fitted top. I have to say, I think literally every girl on the planet owns a lace up bodysuit. So I know I’m not really introducing anything new here. I’m still not over them though and you can’t beat the price of this one. A top like this is something I would usually save to wear out but I dressed it down for a day time casual/cool look- perfect for strolling around the city or brunch.

I went with this taupe color because I’ve been loving earth tones lately. I like how it pairs nicely with dark greens and blues. I can’t forget to mention this amazing Celine Trapeze purse! The Celine addiction is so real. I found this on Trendlee which buys and sells gently used designer purses. They have a fabulous selection. Use code Dressed4dreams for 5% off your order. 


Lace Up Bodysuit
Fringe Hem Jeans
Celine Trapeze
Flatform Espadrille Sandals (love these too)