Black Coated Jeans

Sponsored by Zappos I tend to buy and post a lot of really fun and maybe not so practical items. So today I wanted to give some love to one of the items in my closet that I wear constantly. Most of the denim in my closet I’ve had for years and they aren’t the most exciting purchase so I don’t update them often. The one thing I do update every year is a new pair of black coated jeans. Personally, I don’t even own regular black denim anymore because I think the little bit of a sheen goes a long way. Coated black pants make your outfit feel more expensive and special. I consider these the slightly more casual (and comfortable) leather pants. These pair of Joe’s from Zappos are super soft and stretchy- everything you need in the winter months. Coated denim can sometimes look grey after washing them but I’ve put these to the test and they still look like new. Anytime you see me wearing a pair of black jeans on my Instagram it's most likely this pair, shop them here. To check out the rest of the Joe's collection on Zappo's, head here.