Gift Guide for Him

Rounding up some gift ideas for the man in your life. I had Matt (my boyfriend) approve all of these items because I have to admit he might be more fashionable than me these days!
1.     Watch Holder- I feel like watches are like handbags to men so obviously, a classy place to hold all of them is a must. I love how this one is monogrammed which feels much more personal, especially for a gift.
2.     Art of Shaving- Guys apparently swear by this brand. Such a great add on gift to make your guy feel pampered.
3.     Hershel Backpack- I love the grey/black combo of this backpack & the price just makes it a no brainer. Great as a gym bag or for holding your laptop & candy for a flight.
4.     Luggage- A chic piece of luggage is something your guy might not have yet and could encourage more traveling together ;)
5.     Armani Fashion Watch-  Love the look of this watch & the oversized face is very chic.
6.     Armani Hybrid Smartwatch-   One of the most fashionable looking smartwatches I’ve seen, functional and doesn’t look too sporty. You can control your music and receive smartphone notifications, I kind of want one of these for myself!
7.     Acne Scarf- An easy way to get your guy to look more fashion forward (and you could totally steal this to wear too)
8.     Ugg Slippers- I feel like this is something your man wouldn't buy for himself but once he has them he never takes them off.