The Best Self Tanners

Okay so I avoid the sun like the plague and live off self-tanner. If you’re similar to me and trying to do everything humanly possible to never age, then never lay in the sun. I mean NEVER, even on vacation, smother yourself in SPF and stay in the shade.

With that being said, I think everyone looks better with a little color and glow. I promise you a great self-tanner can boost your self-esteem a good 10 points. It makes you look slimmer and more alive and you can wear less makeup. Win win!

For the Face

You only need a drop and it gives you a significant amount of color. I use this on an as needed basis, it depends on how much you’re exfoliating and washing your face. For me, I use this around once a week and I have the light/medium shade.

These will give you a gradual tan while also exfoliating and providing anti-aging benefits. Think of this as skincare that will give you an extra glow.


I LOVE the roll-on oil applicator, makes it so easy to apply and spread evenly. If I put this on in the morning, I’m the perfect brown by the afternoon. Friends will ask if you just returned from the Caribbean but that’s kind of what we’re going for. Once you shower and wash it off it’s much more subtle.

With all of these tanners, of course DO NOT forget to wash your hands. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to after applying and end up with gross orange streaks. Although, for those of us who still manage to forget, there’s actually an eraser that works like magic. You’re welcome 😊