The Truth about Getting a Dog

I think everyone knows by now that Matt and I recently got an English bulldog back in December. Probably the number 1 question I get asked, “Is the responsibility/work of getting a dog worth it?” I want to start by sharing the complete and honest truth that before having Pepperoni I did not want a dog. I know, I know, what kind of person doesn’t want a dog! I didn’t grow up with dogs and I actually was terrified of them growing up. I work from home so I knew that a dog would be a huge distraction and add extra responsibility to my day that I didn’t know if I was ready for.

Matt has been DMing me a cute dog video almost every day since the day we met. He knew that a dog was what was missing from our home. Being that we live in a city, an English bulldog was the perfect choice because they don’t require as much walking and activity. By the way, I came up with the name Pepperoni because we used to eat a pie each of pepperoni pizza every Sunday (before we realized that was probably not the healthiest lifestyle choice). We picked out Pepperoni from a breeder in Kentucky without ever meeting her and she was on her way!

The first couple of weeks I was so overwhelmed and had no idea what I was doing. However, each week got easier and with some patience she slowly began to learn the basics. I think we definitely got lucky with her personality and temperament. She’s very chill, snuggly, social, and rarely ever barks. If you’re able to meet your dog before making a decision I definitely think that helps.

The number 1 lesson I’ve learned is that how your dog acts and behaves is a direct reflection of you. If they aren’t learning and following direction it’s because you didn’t teach them to behave that way. The first month or 2 is definitely the hardest and it only continues to get easier. I now feel like Roni is my actual child and having her in my life is so fulfilling and helps put things into perspective. Maybe my motherly instincts kicked in? The love for your dog and their unconditional love and dependence on you definitely outweighs the few added responsibilities.

My favorite things about having a dog

1.       Pepperonis reaction when I get home, even if I’m gone for only an hour.

2.       Becoming part of the dog community that I didn’t even know existed. I now chat with so many random people on the street and in my building.

3.       Cuddling and destressing with her

4.       She’s absolutely hilarious

If you’re thinking about getting one it will change your life for the better. But also realize that how you train and raise your pup will have a big impact on them for the rest of their life so put in the work early. I also think too many people get a dog without knowing the correct way to raise them. It’s like having a baby, be prepared and knowledgeable!