Glowing Skin with Skin Ceuticals

Lately learning and investing in skincare has been at the top of my priority list. I know a lot of you have been giving me feedback that it’s hard to figure out which products actually work. SkinCeuticals has been my go-to skincare brand for about 3 years now. Whenever I use their products, I notice a visible difference in my skin. So, when I first heard about their new Custom D.O.S.E machine I immediately reached out and needed to try it.

Everyone’s skin is so different, so I love that this is a serum made specifically for YOU. I also love that a professional was advising me throughout the entire process. As much as I know about skincare, a professional will always be the best guidance for which products to use. I went to Tribeca MedSpa where a skincare professional gave me a diagnostic to determine a formula  to fit my exact skincare needs. She examined my skin, I answered a few questions and the personalized serum was created right in front of me. It even has my name on it. 😊

My routine:

I now use the serum every day after I apply C E Ferulic. In addition to targeting my aging and discoloration concerns, I feel like it’s been the extra boost of hydration my skin has been needing. I’m not even using a moisturizer because I feel like this paired with C E Ferulic provides the perfect amount of effective ingredients for my skin. I’ve already noticed that a lot of the visible roughness in my skin has decreased (which is something I called out to the aesthetician). I also use the serum at night as the first step in my routine after cleansing.

There are so many different products out there which can be really overwhelming. I definitely recommend this to minimize the steps in your skincare routine and create a formula that targets all of your exact concerns in one formula. I think this makes it so easy to reach your skincare goals and actually see results.

Check it out here for more info and locations that offer D.O.S.E..

Thank you SkinCeuticals for partnering with me on this!